EU Legislation uppdate

Nyhetsbrev utskickat från FIVA Legislation Commission


  • Januari 
    European Parliament starts to discuss the Road Charging Directive
    Air quality policy developments 
    Court warning against Bavaria about diesel ban
    Malta and Romania taken to court for failing to draft alternative fuels plan 

  • Februari 
    European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group meeting
    Consultation on the Partnership on Urban Mobility
    German court allows German cities to ban diesel cars
    Madrid announces traffic ban to tackle air pollution
    Rome plans to ban diesel car by 2024 
  • Mars 
    European Parliament Transport Committee amendments to the Road Charging proposal
    Car CO2 emissions are increasing while the debate about diesel coninues 

  • April 
    The Member State Expert Group on Urban Mobility meeting results
    The member states support the plan to improve car emissions tests
    CO2 emission from new cars has risen for the first time in a decade
  • ​Maj
    EP Transport Committee supports Historic vehicle amendments to Road charging proposal
    European Commission announces Third Mobility Package
    EU countries back EC’s move to improve car emissions tests
    Call for EU-wide ban on fossil-fuel powered cars 
    European Commission takes six countries to court for failing to reduce air pollution 
    Hamburg implements a diesel ban  
  • Juni  
    European Council is showing little interest in the Road Charging proposal
    Member State divisions on new car emission limits



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